About Us


Why 180DEGREES? when we are living as a society, we need to see changes in our communities. But before attempting a collective transformation, one must first be given to each one of us. That is, take a 180DEGREES turn in our mental structures. That is why, we have adopted the motto "Helping society achieve  a better quality of life."
Our objective is to create economic activity with social impact. For this reason, in each sale we will be donating 10% to one of the following charities:
  • África con Amor: www.facebook.com/A-Africa-ConAmor
  • Samaritan's Purse: www.samaritanpurse.org
  • Liga Puertorriqueña contra el Cáncer: www.ligacancerpr.org
  • Athletes in Action: www.goaia.org
In addition, we will be on the lookout to any other need that we understand that we must and we can contribute.

Along with the above mentioned, we will create groups of works to impact communities identified in different areas such as: environmental, economic and social; through the realization of events. This is where the phrase of this great author John Maxwell comes to force "try to create a movement, not only a moment."

180DEGREESAPPAREL, has as business model of social entrepreneurship; this is a movement that seeks to achieve social change that goes to the benefit of the less fortunate or that improves in some way the society in which we live.

We invite individuals, sports teams, churches, non-profit organizations or other groups to become part of the change, by purchasing our product for their different activities.