I accept the challenge


Today we live in a society where there are people who dare to take the risks involved in facing new challenges, but there are other large numbers of people who prefer to stay in their "comfortable zone", although they want and know that they have to leave there.

Always moving from Point A to Point B produces fear in us, but this should not be an obstacle to action.

In my case, being a new entrepreneur in this great world of e-commerce (SHOPIFY) is highly challenging because apart from not having previous experience, I'm not very "technological".

But I begin this new stage in my life with much enthusiasm and faith that we are going to achieve great things, rather than generating great profits.But as an online business where their mentality is of "social entrepreneurship", is to be able to help other people and / or communities to improve their quality of life.

I trust that like me, you dare to take the next step in your life. Remember that every step you take to reach a new level is a challenge that has to be overcome.


Until next time,

Victor Pimentel

Owner 180DegreesApparel