Enjoy the process

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, moving from Point A to Point B it can produce fear in us; but this should not be an obstacle to act.
It is in that distance, in which we must travel in a certain time where will be processed. We cannot reach our new destination in the same condition in which we left.
The word "process" implies : march, course, development, succession, series, phase and transformation. Of those, the one that I liked the most was "transformation" since each step generates some changes in us. These changes must occur in all areas of our lives (physically, mentally and spiritually). The changes can cause growth and this in return may produce "pain". But no matter how intense these changes may be, they should not lead us to renounce our goal.
We were not created to work in "solitary", so I exhort you that in this transformation, you will find someone who will serve you as: a companion, for when you feel alone you have company; a friend, even in difficult times you may have happy times; with a mentor or teacher, to indicate how your steps should be and a brother, to help heal the wounds caused by the path.
On this journey you are about to embark on, I wish you the greatest success; but remember that "success" does not mean not to fall, it means to stand up and keep walking even when we have a fallen. 
Until the next time,
Victor Pimentel
Owner 180DegreesApparel